It is about non violence and the desire to serve our well-being (Marshall B. Rosenberg).


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non-violent communication and education/technology enhanced learning





My name is Reinder Vrielink. I was born in Deventer (1951), a small old town in the east of the Netherlands (founded in about 768). I live there still (after 2 x to be moves to another city) with a lot of pleasure. I am married and we have three children and six grandchildren. I’m interested in the role of new technology in learning and teaching (technology enhanced learning). Learning to practise non-violent communication is also one of my goals. I am also crazy about football (soccer), nature, music, travel, hiking, biking and everything to do with human behaviour. I have three Bachelor degrees and one Master degree:

1973, HBO-b, Biochemistry. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Institute Delft,
1981, MO-A, Physics and Chemistry. Rijks Universiteit Utrecht,
1983, Medical and Biological techniques. NGLOB Amsterdam,
2005, MSc in e-learning, multimedia and consultancy. Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

In my work experience, I started as a biochemical laboratory assistant on the University Medical Center Utrecht (1973) on the clinic for surgery where I assisted in a PhD research on a new stomach surgery technique. Two years later I went working on the Psychiatric Hospital Endegeest in Oegstgeest, where we did research on brain metabolism which is related to Parkinson’s disease. At the same hospital, I taught nurses laboratory skills.
In 1978, I made a transfer to a secondary school in Deventer where I taught sciences for about ten years. After that, I became a headmaster in three different secondary schools. During 2006/2007, I worked as an interim teacher/developer on NHL University in the Netherlands on the Institute of Technology, department of Communication & Multi Media Design, where I developed the minor in education and multimedia. Since November 2007, I was manager of education on the Police Academy of the Netherlands. On the school of Policing I was also a member of the project team to develop a new curriculum: MBO all-round police officer in three years (instead of four). The last four years I was program manager of ICT and education on the Police Academy of the Netherlands.
I retired June 2015. After 42 years for the national Government to have worked, mainly in education. Nowadays I do volunteer work: I am employee education on the Etty Hillesum Centre (Deventer) and teacher Dutch language on the AZC (Schalkhaar).

In addition I am now fully on my education consulting firm, Paul Revédi Consultancy. A consultancy firm (since 1983) for advice, coaching research and training in the field of learning and teaching. Specializing in Nonviolent Communication in education and in technology enhanced learning.



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